Presidents Report September 2012

Well, in the two months since I penned my last report, many things have come and gone for our Club, for example, Motorex, All Ford Day, Rattle & Hum and the Shannon’s Combined Car Club day at Eastern Creek.

Meantime, Jeanette and I, together with Norm and Joy Moore escaped the NSW Winter chill to do some touring in Northern Europe. We visited a considerable number of countries including Russia, always on the lookout for a Mustang. I recall that we only noticed 2 late models and 1 classic model Mustang over the entire 7 weeks. We did, however see two Maybachs, a super luxurious new model and a 1941 sports tourer, parked in Riga, looking as if it was waiting for Adolf Hitler to come out of a building and be driven away. What a car! When Norm and I spotted it we were over to it like rockets only to find it was closely guarded by a questionable Russian character asking for 12 Euro to have your photo taken with the car. So, no photo!

Back to Motorex! A group of members - Wayne Byrne, Michael and Brian from Hills Mustang, Malcolm McEwen, Darren Sloan, and others did a sterling task of setting up the display within the club’s budget and then went on to win the award for the best display! A fantastic result with the bonus of a spectacular trophy as well as a cheque for $1,000. Well done and thank you all for taking the initiative, putting in the effort, and bringing home the award!

I am told All Ford Day was a resounding success. I do know for a fact that Bronwyn and Joe Capizzi’s stunning 1969 Coupe was the Club’s Concours Entrant and it swept all before it carrying home the major awards on offer that day. Well done Joe, all of that work in the shed most certainly paid off!

I returned to Sydney in time to attend the Shannons Combined Car Club Day at the Eastern Creek. There are always loads of interesting vehicles to look at and this year we were able to drive the track mid-morning and check out the recently finished additions to the circuit. It appears that there will be at least 3 different combinations of racetrack available to the organizers. I was very disappointed that, for reasons yet to be clarified, our Concours entrant did not show up on the day. Ironically there were a number of Mustangs sitting on display that probably would have been trophy winners.

The AGM is now behind us for another year and I congratulate Wayne Byrne for being the successful candidate for Vice President. Thank you to the 3 members who allowed their names to be put forward to be Vice President- each person who nominated for the position was infinitely qualified to do the job. On behalf of all members, our sincere thanks to our out- going VP, Melanie Taylor, for her work and input to the Club over the past 2 years. I have no doubt that Melanie will be part of a future Mustang Club Committee. Thank you to all of the committee members who have volunteered their time again for another 12 months. Keith Speer, as we know has now stood down from his role as the Club Merchandise Controller. Keith has done an excellent job over a considerable number of years. However, it is time for another member to take it on. Please give me, or any committee member a call give if you are giving a thought to taking on this important Club job. While talking about retiring, in keeping with the Club’s Constitution, which outlines a maximum 3 year term for the President, I will step down at the AGM next ear. As we get closer to that time, I will be on the lookout for volunteers!

At the August General Meeting, we were addressed by Adam Cawley the spokesperson from Cruisin’ for a Cure. Adam is a skilled and passionate presenter. He reminded members that his step dad, Peter Moore, had lost his battle with a brain tumour. Peter was a respected member of our Club as well as a member of another Ford club. The funds raised by Cruisin’ for a Cure are assisting with the battle to fight this complex disease, and with research programs lead by an oncology specialist in Sydney. Instruments used to capture biopsy tissue samples have been purchased recently and Adam has plans to provide more specifically manufactured equipment to the doctor in the future. The Cruise this year is on 4th November – starting from Parramatta and finishing at the Camden Airport. I plan on being there, and I hope as many of you that are able will also be along too in support of finding the Cure for the disease that has taken both Peter Moore and Peter Moody from us I the past 10 years.

At the time of writing this report, I am working with the committee to bring together the Merrylands Muster and State Concours. In addition to the Mustang geared trade stands, the new Vice President is busy talking to owners of some extraordinary and famous Mustangs which hopefully will be along to add to the day. We will be using the occasion to celebrate the Club’s 30th Birthday and will be presenting 20 year members’ badges, and for the first time, a number of Members will receive their 30 year badges!

A gentleman named Keith Mcilroy from Sydney Classic Car Hire contacted me recently. He has asked if he can attend the October meeting to talk about his business. Keith has been hiring out his 4 vehicles for 4 years with considerable business success. He wants to extend his business by listing other Mustang owners’ cars through his company. The owner looks after the car and hands it over to the client, while all of the marketing and legal documentation are handled by Keith. When the vehicle is returned to the 8 owner, the income is split equally between the owner and the business.

Welcome to all of our new members. We all recall the joy of realizing our dream and actually purchasing then getting to drive our Mustang. The committee and members will look forward to meeting you at various Club activities.

David Francis