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President / Event’s Report March 2022

Presidents Report

Hi All,
Reminder: We are still looking for an Event Co-Ordinator and a Club Merchandise Person, for all members, please do consider helping out the club.
We had a very good turn out to our last meeting. Thank you to everyone for coming. Not much to say at this stage other than all the events are starting to return with our Trusty Traffic Dodgers doing well.
Our next major event will be the Nepean Dam run with a special thanks to Cathy and Tim Jameson of T & C Scrubbing and Sweeping Services for supplying all the food and drinks and a special thanks to Frank Kinnas for arranging the picnic area.
Also, I am trying to arrange a Mystery Cruise to a fantastic Private Museum. This run is a Classic Cars Collection open only to MOCA NSW to view. This was cancelled due to Covid nearly 2 years ago. If all is going well this time around it may happen, and I will be talking to the owner this March.
Please check the other nonmember club runs due to changes to venues and dates. Just a reminder that the events hotline phone number has been changed.
Warm Regards Patrick Schinella