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President Report May 2024

Presidents Report

Hi All

President / National Report

We have made changes due to the increase in members registrations with over 350-members and partners so far booked in as of today. We are going to reach about 300 members to each dinner for Friday Saturday and Sunday. With 160 Mustangs registered for Sunday.

A new registration form is on the


Friday Meet and Greet will be at the Motor Museum with about 300 to 320 spots Available. We have only 30 to 50 spots left so be quick to register or you will miss out.

Saturday Mayfield Gardens Lunch and Garden tour which is a must has reopened for bookings for 180 members with 140 already booked in. The Buffett lunch is $42 & the Garden tour has been reduced to $28. (the reason we are doing this is we have 2 seatings 12 noon &1.30 pm.) Please tell me if you require to book the Garden tour as I will add it to the old invoice.

Group 1 Lunch at 12 noon

Group 2 Garden tour at 12 noon

Group 2 Lunch at 1.30pm

Group 1 Garden tour at 1.30 pm

If you miss out on the booking it still has an over flow under cover seating for 100 with another 50 out in sun. FYI The road has a 400-metre dirt track to Full sealed park area

Saturday Pit Complex Dinnerno changes as per original plan. Race/Muzzy Shirt Theme

We have 290 registered for this event so far with a seating capacity of over 400 people

Sunday Venue has been moved as we have exceeded the 250 seats for Rydges.

The new Venue will be at the Gold Field Event & Functions Centre which holds over 400 people. The address is 428 Conrod Straight, Mount Panorama NSW 2795

We are at 280 seats booked so far.

Don’t forget you need to pay your deposit of $200 to be registered.

Garage with updated Changes Single Pit Garage for the 3-days Friday 21st PM

Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd March with check out Monday 10 am

Parking Comfortable for 4 cars only at the same cost of $800

18 units sold with 16 to go ring Patrick 0401 103 501 to book your Spot

Ring Mantra 02 6332 1800, Panorama 02 6331 2666 & Gold Fields 02 6332 2022 for a room if required

Two events I was at Sunday 5th May 2024 Anniversary Pony Round-Up

We are Celebrating the 60th year of the MUSTANG 160 cars and over 300 members and friends all photos in the Pony Express Magazine.

The other Event was the Shell Viva Shell win a 2024 GT Mustang which was televised on the morning Today Show for the Secret location free fuel Friday.

I like to thank the MOCA members for turn up with the Mustang keeping it as a secret and not telling anyone the location as per ask by event organisers.

I did send out a club member email for everyone to watch the show.

Warm Regards

Patrick Schinella

President / Nationals Director

Ph 0401 103 501