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Info required from past NSW state concours winners

As you have no doubt read in Al's article our September Merrylands Muster is to be a 50th birthday celebration and, as such, no concours judging will take place, allowing the judges the opportunity to also enjoy the celebration. We are planning to invite all previous state concours winners and their cars to form a display of recognition. Our first state concours was 2001, where show cars only were judged.
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AGM Voting

The close off time for nominations to fill positions on the Executive Committee was 4:00PM 13th August 2014.  You are invited to participate in the voting to install the MOCA Executive Committee for the year ending 30th June 2015.

Voting is open to members who are financial through to 30th June 2015 or beyond.

There is one vote to one membership.  ie, a couple noted on the one membership has only one vote.

Postal Vote Close Off Date
12:00 Noon 20th August 2014.  Note, this date has been extended beyond 18th August to allow time for delivery of the Pony Express.

How To Vote
1          via post to the Secretary at PO Box 289, St Ives NSW 2075 but must be posted in time to be received by the postal vote close off date.  Include your name and address and signature.
2          via email from the email address recorded in the club records for the member.  Reply to this email or send to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. prior to the postal vote close off date
3          Come to the AGM and vote in person on the night

What to do
Note, this is slightly different from the detail in the August Pony Express which has been necessary due to the multiple nominations received.  

To ensure no misreading, please print clearly print words rather than numbers - either will suffice as long as it is clear.  

Where there are two candidates, we only need your first preference but, the inclusion of your second preference will ensure there is no misunderstanding.  

Where there are five candidates, mark each candidate in order of your preference from one through to five.  

Be sure to include your name, address and signature (except for email voting where your email will be used to authenticate the vote).

The Executive Committee
Comprises seven positions - President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary plus three Ordinary Committee Members

The Nominations
where a vote is NOT required
Secretary - Malcolm McEwan nominated unopposed, elected
Treasurer - Phil Preston nominated unopposed, elected

Where YOU need to vote
President  (Number your preference as either one or two)
David Livian
Lance Weiss

Vice President (Number your preference as either one or two)
Sean McDonagh
Al Vella

Ordinary Committee Members (Number your preference from one to five)
Eddie Hadley
David Livian **
Kerry Myers
Keith Quiney
Alan Vella **

** If successful in the prior vote for Pesident or Vice President, will withdraw this nomination

Support Roles (Non Executive Committee)
You are requested to mark each name in the order of your preference.  

Licence Captain and Club Plate Registrar (Number your preference as either one or two)
            David Hogg
            Ron Lovett

National Delegate 2 (Number your preference as either one or two)
Ben Gambrill
Sean McDonagh

Events Co-ordinator, nominated Keith Quiney and Matt Jones (Joint support) unopposed, elected
Stock Control, nominated Kerry Myers unopposed, elected
Magazine Editor, nominated David Lodge unopposed, elected
Web Site Editor and National Delegate 1, Eddie Hadley unopposed, elected

The Nominees
The Pony Express for August (for delivery about 18th August) contains background information of some nominated members to allow you to fully consider their nomination - David Livian Page 5;  Ben Gambrill, Page 12; David Hogg, Page 13