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Vice President's Report


You will notice we have had a few members step up to help assist in organising events such as Frank Dannaher (mid week runs), Tim and Cathy Jameson (Roses Café) and Katheryn Schaffarczyk (Ladies High Tea) and we really appreciate the involvement, and look forward to more in the future.

Now we need a Merchandise Controller and Membership Officer.

Club Merchandise is taken out to key events such as the All American Day, Anniversary Pony Round Up at Vineyard, All Ford Day and Linnwood House events for members to purchase.

We have an EFTPOS machine and all the racks and shelter needed to make the job easier.

You will not be left alone all day as members have already offered to relieve you so you can relieve yourself, get something to eat and have a look around.

Keith has done it out of the back of his 2014 Convertible for 15 years, so it is not too onerous.

There is also an online service for members to order directly from the supplier so that helps you too.

Membership Officer requires a bit of computer nouse but we have an excellent car club orientated and professionally supported database to organise details.

It can be done from anywhere in NSW/ACT with Excel reports sent out monthly via email so with over 700 members statewide I’m sure someone out there can help.

Have a go at supporting YOUR club.

Enjoy your Mustang,

David Livian

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